# Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The most exciting 2.2 Crawler to date is available! The Kyosho 2.2 Rock Force features the first worm transmission in a 2.2 Crawler.  Worm gears are good.  Here's a few reasons why:
  • Worm gear design allows a large gear reduction ratio to be fitted into a compact space that also delivers high strength and easy maintenance. The small number of moving gears also minimizes the potential for trouble and results in greater reliability.

  • The large gear reduction ratio works fine with the standard power output of a 20T to 27T motor. Not only can you avoid the high-cost of a special motor, worm gear technology also produces highly efficient and powerful torque delivering excellent low range control.

  • No special ESC is required to add a drag brake.  The one-way drive transfer of the worm-gears prevents reverse rotation of the tires so the tires lock automatically when the throttle is released. This also provides powerful stopping effect on steep slopes and works well with standard speed controllers.
This revolutionary vehicle will be ready to ship on Tuesday, December 2.

Posted by:
John Shanklin, Ops Mgr.